Sportsbooks is one of the most popular online Sports Betting Companies. They have published the 2010 Sports Betting Futures. This includes the betting odds for winning the Super Bowl XLV.

Sports Betting Futures is a way for novice SBOBET sports gamblers to predict the future of certain championships, such as the Super Bowl. Bodog has published betting odds for all 32 NFL teams.

These betting odds may change as the NFL season approaches. The odds could be affected by an injury, trade, or significant free agent signing.

This year’s season is different than the average because there is no prohibitive favourite. Bodog currently has 9:1 odds of winning on the Colts and Saints. You would win $900 if you bet $100 on either one of these teams to win the Super Bowl.

It is not surprising that New Orleans and Indianapolis are favored, as both teams were present in last year’s major event. The Saints brought the Lombardi trophy home to the Big Easy. The Saints beat the Colts 31-17.

Bodog offers the best odds of winning on the New York Jets at a 10:1 ratio. Last year, the Jets surprised everyone when they reached the AFC Championship game. They lost to the Colts. With QB Sanchez now having one year of experience, the Jets are much more competent and Santonio Holmes was added to their arsenal. The Jets could play in the Super Bowl if they can improve their offense and their defense.

The Chargers (11 to 1 odds), Patriots (12 to 1 odds) and Cowboys (12 to 1 odds) are right behind the Jets. These three teams enjoy large public followings, so they should attract significant future betting wagering.

Bodog believes these teams are unlikely to play in the Super Bowl. The current odds of three teams winning the Super Bowl are 100:1. Name them.

You are correct if you guess the St. Louis Rams and the Cleveland Browns as well as the Tampa Bay Bucs. Although St. Louis and Cleveland were not surprising, one might have been surprised to see the Bucs. It was only eight years ago that the Bucs, coached by Jon Gruden, beat the Oakland Raiders, 48-21, to win Super Bowl XXXVII. They’ve fallen so far since then!

The Bodog Sports Betting website allows you to view all 32 NFL teams and their sports betting odds. A sports betting futures bet can be placed for as low as $10

Vegas Experts will offer free NFL betting tips and information, as well as free picks for the NFL Hall of Fame Game. For the most current NFL football betting odds, be sure to keep checking back.