Land-based gambling:

The Gambling is a game which comes in two type’s land-based gaming and online gambling. There is no distinction between gaming and gambling under the common gambling houses act; there is no distinction between gaming and gambling. The literal meaning of gaming is playing any games involving cash and doing betting’s. This is reflected in casino-style gambling.

Online gambling:

In Singapore, online gambling has various laws under the remote gambling act; while seeing the definition of online gambling Singapore have a broad explanation. After the betting, the complete gambling game process is betting; people use real cash for the betting.

License for the online gambling:

Under the remote gambling act, a person can apply for a certificated exemption that would allow it to provide Singapore based remote gambling services.

  • The services are provided in caring for a business in Singapore.
  • The centre management and control of the service is in Singapore
  • All the internet content relevant is hosted in Singapore.


Here are some of the laws regulatory authorities are responsible for supervising gambling: Casino regulatory authority (CRA): the CRA administers enforced the casino control act and has the power to license and regulate the operations and land-based casinos.

The Singapore totalisator board: here the two oversee the operation of the Singapore turf club and Singapore pools (private limited). These two main online gambling Singapore operations condition horse racing and other betting activities.

Gambling products:

  1. Poker

The poker is the comes under the regular gambling acts; it generally governs casino-style gambling and public Lottie and its offence to,

  • Operate or invest in a common gambling house.
  • This poker can be operated or involved n a public lottery.
  • For gambling where the public used to assess.
  • Where the places are kept or used for the public lottery.
  1. Betting:

These betting activities are regulated under the betting acts; operate or be involved in a common betting house or the betting information centre.

  1. Sports betting
  2. Casino games
  3. Slots and other machine gaming
  4. Terminal based gaming
  5. Bingo
  6. Lottery

All remote gambling activities are prohibited under the remote gambling act. However, the ministry of home affairs announced on 29 September 2016 that it approved the application of the Singapore turf club and Singapore pools operation to be exempt under the remote gambling act. The Singapore totalisator board owns both exempt operations.